4 NEW Ways to Use Printable Fall Decorations for Fun Crafts

how to re-use printable signs

Have you ever found the cutest printable but thought all you could do is print and frame it? Or maybe use it as a card? I’m here to tell you that you can use those printables more ways. Here’s 4 new ways to use printable fall decorations for more than just decorations.

Would you believe me if I told you a sign sold as size 8×10 inches, can be made into a sticker, tag, wine bottle label, and favor bags.

I’m going to share how I use an 8×10 or 4×6 design to create each of these four items. To help you out, I’m also sharing over 20 printables for fall. Each of our printables can be found in The Printables Club. Download as many printables as you need for a low monthly rate.

4 new ways to re-use printable signs

Printable Fall Decorations

Since fall is right around the corner, I decided I’d show you how I make these things with fall themed printables. I don’t know about you but I love getting my craft on during fall.


First for the fall themed printables is these signs. They are super easy way to decorate for fall. You don’t even have to cut out the designs, just print and frame! You can find them all in The Printables Club.

Or, resize them for the items I’m going to share later.

1. Be Thankful Always

2. Be Grateful, Always

3. Happy Halloween Chalkboard

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4. Black Cats Chalkboard

5. Fall Words

6. Happy Thanksgiving

7. Happy Fall

8. My Favorite Color is Autumn

9. Floral, Hello Fall

10. Flannel Leggings, pumpkin spice

11. Back Roads and Bonfires

12. Apple Pickin’

13. Welcome & Happy Fall

14. Welcome Friends and Fall

15. Mason Jar Welcome Y’all

16. Welcome & Happy Fall

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Cards are another easy way to celebrate fall. These designs also work as tags too for candy favor bags!

18. Ghost Happy Halloween

19. Candy Corn Happy Halloween

20. Pumpkin Spice Latte

21. Dancing Candy Corn

22. Favorite Creeper

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4 Designs You Can Make with these Printables

For each of these ideas below, you’re going to want to change the size. Don’t print them the size they come. I’ve got a short video in my last post if you need help with printing PDFs in different sizes.


For stickers, the easiest way to create them is the following:

  1. Print multiple per page (about 8 of them is good)
  2. Use a paper punch to make them into circles.
  3. Use a sticker maker for the final step.

Check out this reel on my Instagram that shows you 3 ways to make stickers.


Tags are probably the easiest way to re-use 8×10 printable signs.

  1. Print them smaller (check the link above it you need to know how- 8 per page is a good rule of thumb)
  2. Cut into the shape of a tag.
  3. Use a hole punch and attach your favorite string.
trick or treat bags
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Wine Bottle Label

To create a wine bottle label from an 8×10 sign, simply do the following:

  1. Print a smaller size (4 per page is good- check the tutorial in the post to see how)
  2. Print them onto full page sticker paper
  3. Cut out and attach to the bottle. (TIP: put it on the back of the bottle so the recipient can still see what kind of wine it is)
Fall Themed Wine Bottle Labels
Fall Themed Wine Bottle Labels available seasonally in The Printables Club

Favor (or candy) bags/boxes

For these favor bags, I put together a short video showing you how to make treat bags. But you can also simply make stickers and attach them to your favorite bags.

If you want to take it a step further, then check out how I made these favor character bags below.

How to make trick or treat bags with printables

Download the Printable Fall Decorations in The Club

Don’t forget to snag all the printable fall decorations in The Club. You can access 1000s of designs for celebrating everything.

fall printables on a white background
Download all the fall printables in The Club!

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