3 Easy Things to Update in Your House by Season for a Refresh You’ll Love

You know those instagram influencers that you see who always have their next holiday decor out before you even thought about it? Ever wonder how they do that? Well, I’ll tell you. They do it for a living. No really.

It’s not that they have more time it’s that they do in fact make money off of it, so they can keep up better. BUT… if you love decorating for the seasons, you can do a few simple things that will make a big difference. You can download all the graphics I use in my printables club.

These are the 3 things I change out monthly (or every other month) to keep my home feeling updated for the season. Since I love celebrating all the things, but also run two businesses, I only go allll out for a couple of holidays and then change just a few things for the others. Here’s what I do.

3 Easy Home Decor Ideas for Any Season

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Throw Pillows

First up is throw pillows. This is just such an easy way to add any holiday or season to your home. Plus, they’re super cozy. They definitely make a statement too. If you just refresh the pillows on your couch, that will make the whole room feel like it’s on point with the season.

spring honey bee pillow
Update your throw pillows for a seasonal refresh

Kitchen Towels

Next up is kitchen towels. I love these because they are easy to store and useful. This will change up your kitchen or you can even do bath towels too if you want to be really fancy.

easter kitchen towel colorful
Refresh your kitchen with a seasonal towel. Easy to store and super useful!

Welcome Mats

Nothing says “I have my shit together” more than a seasonally appropriate welcome mat. I mean the whole world will know when they see your front step. That amazon delivery guy is sure to be impressed.

hop on in welcome mat for easter
Add a new welcome mat for easter or any other holiday

That’s it! Really, change just these three things and then see if you feel your home is more seasonally ready. If you need more ideas or just love celebrating everything, drop your email below. I send weekly tips on all things celebratory.

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