Adorable Flower Girl Proposals You Can Download Instantly

20 Adorable Flower Girl Proposals

So you just got engaged and you’re asking your girls to be a part of your day. Maybe this means you want to have a flower girl as well. If there’s a special little girl in your life or the life of your fiancé then this post is for you.

I’m sharing 20 adorable flower girl proposals you can download instantly in The Printables Club. Or, if you don’t want to print on your own, then contact us for printed designs. Each one is made specifically for the flower girl. Make her feel extra special with one of our designs below.

I’m also giving away free bridal shower games. Not everything has to cost!

Flower Girl Proposals

Proposal Themes

Whenever I design anything new I tend to end up with a few themes in my designs. I know, that’s shocking considering I’m all about “themed designs and crafts”, but regardless, it happens with everything. This time, I narrowed it down to 11 different themes for the 20 flower girl proposals below. Shop by theme, or by card, it’s up to you!

Petal Patrol

If you follow my designs at all, you know that I love a good word play and this one is no different. Let the flower-girl-to-be know she has an important role in your day by asking her to be on “petal patrol”.

Petal Patrol Flower Girl Proposal

Bridesmaid Behave

Another way to make the flower girl feel special is to put her in charge of your bridesmaids. When I was little I loved to be around my big sisters when they were with their friends. I feel like this most little girls, therefore be sure to include her in all the (appropriate) wedding activities.

Help Me Make Sure My Bridesmaids Behave Flower Girl Proposal

Fancy Dress

If the little girl that you plan to ask to be your flower girl loves to get dressed up then this card may be perfect for her. Promise her a pretty dress (and some extra cake) to be a part of your day.

Promise a Fancy Dress Bridesmaid Proposal
Fancy Dress with Extra Cake Flower Girl Proposal

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

This next flower girl proposal is one of my favorites. I love using this well-known poem for the flower girl ask.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue Flower Girl Proposal

A Few Things I Need

There’s definitely a few things you’ll need for your wedding day and one of those is flowers. Let the flower girl know her importance with these checklist cards.

There's a Few Things I Need Flower Girl Proposal

Pretty Princess

There’s a lot of little girls out there who love princesses, which is the inspiration behind these next couple of designs.

Could Never Say

Cute Little Girl

Keep it basic with these cards by telling the flower girl how cute she is and how much of an asset she’ll be to your wedding.

A Cute Little Girl Flower Girl Proposal

Flower Girl Defined

One of my more popular bridesmaid designs in one that defines the word and it’s perfect for flower girl proposals as well. These cards put a special definition to the word “flower girl” to let her know she’s extra special.

Flower Girl Defined Proposal

Pick a Perfect Flower Girl

Finally, these last flower girl proposals are a play on words as well as a way to tell her she’s the perfect flower girl.

Pick a Perfect Flower Girl Proposal

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