Graduation Party Ideas That Won’t Embarrass You in 10 Years

Graduation Party Ideas

The Graduation Party

There’s all kinds of ideas out there for graduation, but one thing is for sure, styles change. We all know this from those lovely school photos that things change.

That’s why I’ve gathered together all my classic graduation designs. These will always be in style and won’t date you! 😉

I love a good graduation, it’s a special time and something I think should always be celebrated. Whether it’s high school or college, getting that degree is an accomplishment. So celebrate that grad with a graduation party and these fun ideas below.

Today I’m sharing ideas that will work every year. You’ll find cards, games, decorations, gifts, and more.

Cards for the Graduate

To begin, let’s talk about fun cards for the graduate. If you’re attending a graduation party or just want to send a simple congrats to the grad, then you’ll definitely need these.

Gifts for the Grad

Maybe you want to send more than a card to the graduate, if so, these three gift ideas are perfect. Send them a gift card (because everyone loves a gift card) or send a motivational print.

Graduation Party Games

Next up, if you’re planning a graduation party then you’ll definitely want games.

A great game to play is the advice for the grad or graduation libs. They both make wonderful keepsakes for the graduate.

Graduation bingo is a fun game for kids and adults and gives your guests something to do throughout the party.

Finally, who knows the grad best is just what is sounds like and the perfect ice-breaker game.

Graduation Party Decor

Finally, this last section is all about decor for the party. Celebrate the grad with a cookie bar, fun signs, photo props, stickers and more.

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