Football season is upon us, and I want to share ideas for football invites.  There are so many options out there for football invites, and they are all too adorable.

I love college football, I could take or leave the Pros, but my love of Texas A&M runs deep and has inspired these designs below.

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, couples shower, baby shower, anniversary party, or even a reunion, there’s something for everyone with this post. Also, if you love football, stick around, my next post is 10 easy items to add to your football party.

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Football Invites

Football Invites


First up is the classic photo option.  Whenever I design new birthday invites, I always try to allow for a photo to be added if the customer prefers.


I also love this idea of making the invite football shaped.  We will be selling these invites complete come September 1, but for now, you can purchase the digital file with the shape.  The only issue with invites such as these, is they end up costing a bit more than the standard rectangle or square.


I can’t make new designs without doing a rustic one.  Rustic is my favorite, it’s probably a Texas-girl thing, but nonetheless, there’s always a rustic option with my designs.

Ticket Shaped

Aside from rustic and chalkboard, my favorite design to make is invites in different shapes.  However, doing something like the football shape can be costly.  Therefore, I love this idea of a ticket shaped invite.

Football Field

Next up is the idea of using the football field as a background.  It’s so simple to create and can easily be printed any size.


An idea that is also a unique shape is this square invite.  I used the football as the background and the square design makes it a bit different from all the others, but wouldn’t cost any more than the regular, rectangle designs.

Team Colors

If you’re doing a football theme because you love a certain team (like me), then why not make it team colors? It’s an easy way to incorporate your favorite team without going overboard.   I don’t have the rights to sell officially licensed team products (most people don’t have this right, but they do it anyway), but I can use similar colors such as this maroon and white invite below.

Old School

The next design is an “old school” or retro type design. I made this invite with the idea that it would be used for a 40, 50, 60, or more birthday.  The thought is that whoever is celebrating their birthday was really into college football but it’s been a few years since actually being in college. Of course, you could use it for any age.

Pumpkins Go Great with Football

Awesome Football Invites for Any Party + Free Designs
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