Hello Friends!

I’m so glad you’ve made it here.  Keep reading to find out more about me, the blog, and what I can do for you. Be sure to contact me for custom orders or collaborations, I’d love to work with you.

About Me

I’m a graphic designer who loves to travel.  I work freelance so that I can travel freely.  Those travels influence me and my work greatly.  When it came to picking a business name, it was important to me to incorporate my love of travel, thus the “journeys” part of “Aesthetic Journeys”.
My passion is to design, write, and take pictures of all of life’s journeys. Be it a holiday, special occasion, milestone, or vacation, I love them all. I’ve been creating and selling themed graphic designs and handmade crafts for the past 4 years on Etsy and Zazzle and I’m excited about this new journey into the blogging world.

About The Blog

The blog’s focus is themes for all of life’s special “journeys”.  From birthday parties, to summer vacations, I’ve got a theme for everything and I love to share my ideas, designs, tips, and even frustrations. I’ve also traveled extensively and love to share tips on that as well. So whether your passion is travel, parties, or design, you’ll find it here.

Find out more the blog and how it came to be here.

Now let’s talk about you!

Now the most important part: what I can do for YOU! Here you can shop my graphic designs and handmade crafts.  I design invites, gifts, decorations, thank you cards, and more.  You can shop on Etsy, on Zazzle, and soon, here on the blog.
Whether you want to DIY-it or have a custom design package sent to you without lifting a finger, I can accommodate. Follow the blog for inspiration, free downloads, and tips on how to design different products.

How to Purchase Designs

If you want to purchase our designs, you have three ways to shop and each one depends on your preference:

1. Are you a “Complete DIYer”?

Shop on Zazzle where it’s all you.  You’ll find my designs on all sorts of products which you can alter to make it your own.

2. Do you prefer to DIY your own crafts, but don’t have the computer or design skills?

Shop on Etsy for digital files where I do the content and design for you, and you do the printing. Soon, I will also be offering this option here on the blog. Designs will be less than they are on Etsy, so be sure to stay tuned.

3. Finally, are you a “NON Crafter”?

When I lived abroad, I could no longer offer printed designs, but now that I’m back in the states, I can once again and I am so excited. My favorite work is when I get to design, print, and hand make all the products.

You can purchase any number of designs and I will hand make each one and mail them straight to you. I’ll be updating this site with easy-to-use listings as soon as it’s time to launch! I’ll also be once again selling printed designs on Etsy.

Just a note: Processing time is usually 1-2 weeks for a printed package, but be sure to contact me with your timeframe, I’m flexible. For any of the handmade crafts you see in my shop, processing times vary by item and are listed accordingly.